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$100 Million is Stavros Niarchos III’s net worth

Stavros Niarchos III Wiki Biography

Stavros Niarchos III was born on April 17, 1985, in New York City, New York, to parents of part-Greek ancestry. Stavros is a businessman and professional kiteboarder. However, he is best known as the heir to the Niarchos shipping fortune, established by his grandfather, who constructed one of the first supertankers. His accomplishments have contributed to his current net worth.

The wealth of Stavros Niarchos III. Sources estimate a mid-2017 net worth of $100 million, the vast majority of which was accumulated through the family inheritance. In addition, he is well-known for his succession of high-profile romances with famous models and actresses. His fortune is anticipated to grow as he advances in his profession.

$100,000,000 Net Worth of Stavros Niarchos III

In Paris, France, Stavros grew up. After completing his secondary education at Seabury Hall in Hawaii, he attended College Stanislaus. He attended the University of California Film School after graduating from high school.

After a successful insurance settlement, Niarchos’s grandfather formed Niarchos Ltd, which would produce one of the first high-capacity oil supertankers. These companies competed for control of the world’s giant tanker. The SS Spyros Niarchos, the giant supertanker ever constructed, was launched in 1955. The industry flourished due to the rising demand for oil and the Israeli-Suez Canal Conflict. During hostilities between Israel and Egypt, the Canal was obstructed, preventing oil from being transported over its standard path. Significantly boosting their net worth, the incident caused the family to reach billions. Stavros Niarchos’s father, Philip, whose mother was a descendant of another shipping tycoon, finally inherited the firm. Also, there was a horse racing company, which was handed to another kid.

Stavros remained the heir to the shipping firm despite his parents’ eventual divorce, which resulted in a substantial settlement. His net worth is anticipated to reach a very high level when he inherits the business. Nonetheless, the majority of the billions that his grandpa amassed over time were donated to a nonprofit organization. The remaining share was divided among his children. According to reports, Stavros spends his time creating films, skating, kiteboarding, and competing in other events. While few facts regarding his successes in skateboarding and kiteboarding are available, he is regarded as a professional in both sports.

Niarchos had been alleged to have been engaged to model Jess Hart before their breakup. In addition, he has been associated with Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Paris Hilton, with whom he had an on-and-off romance. In Beverly Hills, California, Niarchos dwells. His sister is jewelry designer Eugenie Niarchos. His grandpa was married five times. Therefore he has an extensive extended family. Apart from this, he is also engaged in social media via Facebook.

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