Saku Koivu Biography, Age, Spouse, Career and Height Explained!2023

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Saku Koivu is a resigned Finnish ice hockey player who played in the Public Hockey Association (NHL) and filled in as a chief for different groups.

He is well known for his ten years as the commander of the Montreal Canadiens, having played for the club for a long time.

Besides being commended for his job as commander, he was likewise the principal player from a European club to become chief of the Montreal Canadiens.

His experience as chief was extended to the point that he held the longest captaincy residency in the group’s set of experiences, separated from Jean Beliveau.

As of May 2023, Saku Koivu’s total assets are assessed to be $40 Million.

Saku Koivu Realities

  1. Saku played with the Turun Palloseura club up until 1995.
  2. He played with the Montreal Canadians from 1995 up until 2009.
  3. In 2001, Saku needed to miss the whole season due to being determined to have Burkitt’s lymphoma.
  4. On top of his numerous titles, Saku added a silver decoration from the 2004 World Cup.
  5. His more youthful sibling, Mikko, is likewise a renowned ice hockey player who won both a silver and bronze decoration at the Olympics in 2006 and 2010 separately.

Early Life

Saku Antero Koivu was conceived on November 23, 1974, in Tarku, Finland.

Saku was brought into the world by Jukka and Tuire Koivu and has a more youthful sibling named Mikko Koivu, whom he delighted in playing ice hockey with as a kid.

Koivu states he had a great childhood with a steady family who set him up for his profession today.

Sadly, not much is aware of his life as a youngster until he turned 18 and appeared at the 1992 Finnish titles with Turun Palloseura.


After his presentation, he got much media consideration for his dazzling play after the home Finnish championships in 199 and 1995.

He played with the Turun Palloseura until 1995 and played for the Finnish public group from 1993, being chosen as chief from 1998 onwards.

Saku was at long last drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in 1993 and ultimately joined the group formally in 1995.

He was with the group for 14 seasons and was chosen as commander in 1999 because of his expertise and regular authority capacity.

Throughout his experience with the Montreal Canadiens, he got many honors and was cast a ballot into the NHL Elite Player Game in 1998.

He was joined at the Canadiens by José Théodore, Alexei Kovalev, Martin Brodeur, and Sidney Crosby, one of the most impressive Canadian players ever.

After his 14 seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, Saku chose to move to the Anaheim Ducks as a player and substitute commander for the group.

When his agreement finished, he re-endorsed with the group for two additional years and kept filling in as the substitute skipper.

He completed first in the 1998 and 2006 Olympic games, binds with colleague Teemu Selänne.

In 2014, Saku reported that he would resign from the NHL as he felt he had satisfied everything he could ever hope for becoming an expert hockey player.

While he isn’t possibly the most extravagant competitor on the planet, his total assets are sufficiently high to leave him quickly off after his hockey vacation is finished.

Saku Koivu’s Profession Income

Saku is one of Finland’s best global hockey players, winning Olympic silver in 2006 and Olympic bronze decorations in 1994, 1998, and 2010.

Since resigning from professional hockey, little has been accounted for about Saku’s monetary undertakings, making it challenging to evaluate the amount he currently acquires yearly.

He worked with the Finnish public group as a mentor and oversaw player improvement at the SM-Liiga club, TPS Turku.

Comparable situations in different clubs in Finland pay a yearly compensation of around €250,000 each prior year rewards and different advantages, so it’s sensible to expect that Saku procures something similar.

Due to his administration abilities, he addressed the competitors at the IOC Competitors’ Bonus while contending in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

Saku came out on top for the Big Showdowns in 1995, got silver decorations in 1994 and 1999, and a bronze award in 2008.

Saku Koivu’s Total assets Yearly

He drove the Big showdowns in scoring in 1999, was granted the competition’s best forward in 1995 and 1999, and was named to the Top pick group in 1994, 1995, and 1999.

Koivu joins other incredible Canadian hockey players like Mario Lemieux, Marc-Andre Fleury, Imprint More Chaotic, and Jason Arnott, who has ruled the NHL.

Here is a breakdown of Saku Koivu’s yearly total assets:

  • Saku Koivu’s Total assets In 2015 – $37.8 million
  • Saku Koivu’s Total assets In 2016 – $38 million
  • Saku Koivu’s Total assets In 2017 – $38.1 million
  • Saku Koivu’s Total assets In 2018 – $38.5 million
  • Saku Koivu’s Total assets In 2019 – $38.7 million
  • Saku Koivu’s Total assets In 2020 – $39 million
  • Saku Koivu’s Total assets In 2021 – $39.5 million
  • Saku Koivu’s Total assets In 2022 – $40 million

As well as winning silver at the 2004 World Cup, he was granted the best Finnish hockey player of the year in 1994 and 1995.

He became the principal European commander in the group’s set of experiences, becoming the longest-serving skipper for the Montreal Canadiens until his takeoff in 2009.

Individual Life

Saku wedded a knowledgeable lady he had met named Hanna Koivu in 2002, and the couple proceeded to have two youngsters; Aatos Koivu and Ilona Koivu.

In a shocking new development, Saku struggled with Burkitt’s lymphoma and was sidelined in 2001 to get the treatment he wanted.

Saku showed up in Straightforward Arrangement’s music video in 2008, called “Save You,” which talked about encountering his fight with the disease.

You can follow Saku’s accurate Twitter record to see what he’s getting done now.

Grants and Accomplishments

Five years after his malignant growth battle and during his best season with the Canadiens, Koivu scored 22 objectives and made 53 helps for 75 places.

Toward the finish of his profession, he earned $53 million from his commitment to the Canadiens’ and Ducks’ outcomes over twenty years on the ice.

Here are probably the most prominent events in Saku Koivu’s vocation:

He brought home Finnish championships in both 1993 and 1995.

Koivu was cast ballot as the NHL’s Top pick in 1998.

In 2002 he procured the Bill Masterton Prize.

Saku was accepted into the IIHF Lobby of Acclaim in 2017.

He won the Lord Clancy Remembrance Prize in 2007.

Saku is the glad victor of gold at the 1995 Big Showdowns.

He won bronze awards at the Olympics in 1994, 1998, and 2010.

Koivu was the most popular Olympic player to win a silver decoration at the 2006 Olympic Games.

His main disappointment was not winning any Stanley Cups, which generally is because of the numerous wounds he endured in his profession.

Be that as it may, he adjusted the scales by giving a colossal commitment to his local area and showed magnificent initiative both on and off the ice.

He is a fearless and humble player with an evil funny bone and a hard-working attitude that roused his partners to accomplish extraordinary outcomes.

How Does Saku Koivu Spend His Cash?

Saku bought a lavish house in Irvine, California, for $4.97 million in 2009, which he set back for $6.6 million in 2014.

There was an embarrassment in 2009 when Saku’s duty discount check for $140,899 was taken and liquidated utilizing his produced signature.

When he went into a reduction from his malignant growth, Koivu zeroed in on gathering pledges and, through his establishment’s help, had the option to help numerous disease patients.

He did this by assisting Montreal With the generaling Emergency clinic and buying $8 million PET/CT check gear, utilized in the analysis and the board of disease.


The 37-year-old played 1,060 NHL games, including end-of-the-season games – for the Finnish senior public group, adding 28 additional in four Olympic Games, winning a silver decoration and three bronze awards.

He likewise won 51 decorations in seven big showdowns, a gold award, two silver decorations, and a bronze decoration.

Here are the absolute best features of Saku Koivu’s profession:

  • Saku made his presentation at the 1992 Finnish Title as a middle forward.
  • He was drafted by the Montreal Canadians in the 1993 NHL draft and joined the group in 1995.
  • In 1999 Saku was chosen to be the leading European skipper of the Montreal Canadiens.
  • He joined the Anaheim Ducks and became a substitute chief in 2009.
  • Saku likewise played with the Finnish public group from 1993 and turned into the skipper of the group in 1998.
  • Saku likewise played ten games in two World Cups, procuring a silver decoration in the 2004 World Cup of Hockey when Canada beat Finland 3-2.
  • For new kids on the block players like Dany Heatley, Saku was a famous guide and colleague who could be depended upon for counsel and backing.

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