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Paul Finebaum has a $2,000,000 net worth.

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Paul Finebaum entered this world on July 26, 1955, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Since the middle of the 1980s, he has worked as a sports writer, columnist, radio host, and TV commentator. Finebaum is well-known for his radio and television programs centered on sports.

How wealthy is Paul Finebaum, exactly? His early 2016 estimated net worth is above $2 million, according to many sources. His success in the media industry over the past 35 years has unquestionably contributed to his fortune.

Mr. Paul Finebaum Value of 2 Million Dollars

Paul received his high school education from both White Station and Christian Brothers. At some point afterward, he completed his degree in Political Science at the University of Tennessee. When Finebaum first arrived in Birmingham in 1980, he worked as a writer and columnist for the local newspaper. Finebaum won several honors for his analysis of the lives of notable athletes. His most well-known accounts include signing NFL star Antonio Langham and recruiting then-college football star, Buck Johnson.

In the same year, Paul first went on air; he made his mark in the media as a pundit on the Mark and Brian Radio Show. A radio show hosted by Finebaum a few years later immediately became Birmingham’s most popular sports discussion show.

The show’s popularity grew even while it was broadcast on many radio stations. After its premiere in 2001, “The Paul Finebaum Radio Network” quickly rose to prominence, eventually ranking as one of the top 12 sports radio shows in the United States. By a wide margin, Finebaum’s 2011 interview with Harvey Updyke, the man accused of poisoning the famous trees on Toomer’s Corner at Auburn University, is the most listened-to interview ever.

Paul’s talk program was briefly relocated to WJOX in 2013 after the conclusion of his contract. Soon after, he went on with ESPN to front a regular chat show that will air on the network’s soon-to-launch SEC Network.

Additionally, Finebaum has written several novels. Books like “I Hate Michigan: 303 Reasons Why You Should, Too” and others in the “I Hate…” series have made him renowned. Also, in 1994, he released “The Worst of Paul Finebaum,” and in 2011, “Finebaum Said.” Indeed, every book contributed to his ability to amass a fortune.

Paul also has a TV career; he worked as a sports director for WIAT-TV (1998-2002), an analyst for WBRC Fox 6, and a co-host for several shows. As of its 2011 release, he also narrated the documentary Roll Tide/War Eagle.

While details about Finebaum’s private life remain sketchy, we know he has been married to the Carolinas HealthCare System employee Linda Hudson since 1990. The two were apartment neighbors in Birmingham, and that’s how they eventually got together. In 2013, Paul Finebaum received the “Accomplished Alumni Award” from the University of Tennessee.

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