Mike Weir Biography, Spouse, Age, Career and Height Explained!2023

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Michael Richard Weir is an expert golf player most famous for being the central Canadian to win the Bosses Competition.

Presently playing on the PGA Visit through Champions, Weir is proceeding to develop his total assets as perhaps of the most capable player on the green.

As of May 2023, Mike Weir’s total assets are assessed to be $25 Million.

Mike Weir Realities

  • Mike Weir won his most memorable competition in 1990 at the Ontario Novice Title.
  • In 1992, Weir turned proficient and began playing on the Canadian Expert Golf Visit.
  • Weir’s greatest triumph came in 2003 when he won the Bosses Competition as a season finisher with Len Mattiace.
  • In 2010, Strange was named#12 on the rundown of Canada’s 100 Biggest Competitors Ever.
  • Weir was enlisted into Canada’s Games Corridor of Popularity in 2017.

Early Life

Michael Richard Weir was conceived on May 12, 1970, in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, and he experienced childhood in the suburb of Brights Forest.

Mike learned how to play golf at Huron Oaks Fairway as a youngster. However, the top game he effectively played was hockey.

Having figured out how to play hockey left-gave, Mike started playing golf the same way, and he involved his profit as a caddy to get himself left-gave clubs.

While working at Huron Oaks Fairway, Weir was sufficiently lucky to have met Jack Nicklaus, who roused him to seek after golf expertly.

In the wake of surrendering hockey as a teen, Weir kept in touch with Nicklaus for counsel on whether he ought to change to right-gave playing, and the seasoned professional answered, “Assuming you are a decent left-given player, change nothing — particularly if that feels normal to you.”

Because of Nicklaus’ consolation, Weir never considered exchanging in the future; he keeps the letter outlined in his home.


Mike Weir turned proficient in 1992 and began on the Canadian Expert Golf Visit, winning thrice.

He arrived at the PGA Visit in 1998 and came out on top for the Air Canada Title in 1999, making him the primary Canadian to win a PGA occasion in Canada starting around 1954.

During the 1999 PGA Titles, Weir imparted the lead to Tiger Woods at the end of the day, completing T-10. However, he later brought home the Visit Title in 2001.

In 2003, Weir got the season areas of strength for going to the Bounce Trust Chrysler Exemplary and the Bosses Competition in Augusta, Georgia, making him the leading Canadian expert golf player to win a significant competition.

He became the subsequent left-given golf player to win any of the four significant competitions by winning the Bosses. However, individual left-given golf players Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson have since won majors.

Even though his success at the Experts was his last enormous triumph, Weir keeps contending, and after turning 50 in 2020, he joined the PGA Visit through Champions.

As an individual from the Visit through Champions, Weir won his most memorable occasion in 2021 at the Insperity Invitational in Forests, Texas.

Mike Weir’s Profession Income

Mike Weir has become quite possibly of the most extravagant golf player on the planet, acquiring millions during his experience on the PGA Visit.

While he isn’t the most generously compensated player on the green, he has partaken in a few critical paydays that have significantly developed his assets.

Mike Weir acquired his initial million-dollar pay during the 1998-99 season, bringing back $1.4 million from 30 competition appearances.

By the 2002 season, Weir was acquiring $4.9 million for 21 competition plays.

$903k each year.

Altogether, Weir has brought in $28.02 million in prize cash rewards.

Even though he hasn’t procured near what Phil Mickelson has during his vacation, Weir has found real success, and his profit is expanding as he continues contending.

Individual Life

Mike Weir lives in Utah with his two girls, Elle Marisa and Lili Weir, who he had with his ex Bricia.

Since separating from Bricia Weir, Mike has partnered with Michelle Cash, an entertainer and previous Lone Wolf candidate from Salt Lake City.

On his authority Instagram account, Weir frequently posts photographs with Michelle and photographs of competitions and occasions he joins in.

Peculiar is likewise dynamic on his authority Twitter account, where he posts about golf, and on his authority site, where fans can remain refreshed on his golf vocation.

Grants and Accomplishments

Mike Weir has delighted in numerous triumphs throughout his vocation, many of which have helped increment his acclaim in the PGA.

Albeit his accomplishments have been all essential, some of them stand apart something else for their general importance.

Here are some of Mike Weir’s best vocational achievements:

  • Mike Weir brought home his most memorable title in 1999 at the Air Canada Title, beating Fred Funk by two strokes.
  • In 2001, Weir came out on top for The Visit Title in a season finisher against Ernie Els, David Toms, and Sergio Garcia.
  • Weir won the Bosses Competition in 2003, his most critical competition win.
  • In 2007, Weir was named an Individual from the Request for Canada.
  • Mike Weir was drafted into Canada’s Games Corridor of Acclaim in 2017.
  • Despite not being as adorned as Gary Player, Mike Weir has procured numerous lofty titles as possibly of the most skilled expert golf player on the planet.

How Does Mike Weir Spend His Cash?

Mike Weir lives in a grand manor beyond Salt Lake City, Utah, in a uniquely redesigned home that brags 14,000 sqft of space.

The previous carport was transformed into an indoor driving reach for Weir to rehearse, while the encompassing mountains give a lot of space to meander.

Inside, the Weir family worked with a planner for more than a year to make their ideal home, using furniture to make personal sitting regions to cause the vast space to feel cozier.

The lounge is the home’s point of convergence, and it is loaded up with collectibles and an enormous TV that is covered by a moveable dynamic composition that covers the screen when switched off.

There are likewise various chimneys and a full-home theater setup that incorporates worked-in speakers all through the house that associates with a 400-circle Disc transformer and a music decoration that can play music straightforwardly from online music administrations.

While we don’t know the amount Mike Weir paid for this extraordinary legacy, we can undoubtedly expect it to be two or three million.

Alongside his land, Weir has likely spent a decent sum on the most costly golf balls to guarantee he keeps awake to standard with others in the PGA.


Mike Weir has encountered numerous essential minutes throughout his profession on the PGA Visit.

Nonetheless, specific focuses have been more developmental than others and have assisted him with arriving at the degree of accomplishment that he appreciates now.

Here are probably the best features of Mike Weir’s vocation:

  • Toward the beginning of his profession, Weir came out on top for the Ontario Novice Title in 1990 and 1992.
  • Weir became an expert golf player in 1992, beginning on the Canadian Expert Golf Visit.
  • 1999 Weir won his most memorable PGA Visit occasion at the Air Canada Title.
  • Weir became the leading Canadian expert golf player to win the Bosses Competition in 20003.
  • That same year, he became No. 3 on the Authority World Golf Rankings, his most crucial vocational position.
  • These have been the main achievements in Weir’s vocation up until this point; however, as he keeps on contending, it is logical he will encounter a lot more significant minutes.

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