Mick Foley Biography, Age, Spouse, Career and Height Explained!2023

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Mick Foley is an American previous expert grappler, entertainer, creator, and variety observer who joined Big Showdown Wrestling in 1991.

After out on top of various championships and becoming known as “The Bad-to-the-bone Legend,” Mick Foley has wracked up an enormous total of assets that numerous grapplers could merely be about.

As of May 2023, Mick Foley’s total assets are assessed to be $14 Million.

Mick Foley Realities

Mick Foley’s most notable wrestling moves incorporate the “Mandible Paw,” the “Twofold Arm DDT,” and the “Cactus Clothesline.”

While wrestling as Desert plant Jack, Foley utilized a spiked metal bat as a weapon.

Mick Foley became famous by having the option to take a remarkable measure of discipline and carry on with matches.

While his teeth have since been fixed, Foley invested a lot of energy in the ring missing his front teeth after having them taken out during a Phone Match.

Even though he is fearsome in the ring, beyond his wrestling profession, Foley is known to be staggeringly laid back and liberal.

Early Life

Michael Francis Foley was brought into the world in 1965 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Soon after his introduction to the world, his family moved to Long Island, where he went to Ward Melville Secondary School.

In secondary school, he played lacrosse and, alongside entertainer Kevin James, was in the wrestling crew.

While learning at the State College of New York at Cortland, Foley went to a match at Madison Square Nursery to see his number one grappler, Jimmy Snuka. After seeing Snuka’s flying body sprinkle move from the highest point of the enclosure, Foley chose to seek after an expert wrestling vocation genuinely.


In 1983, Mick Foley began preparing under Dominic DeNucci and showed up in many squashes matches as an agent for the WWF, and went through years wrestling on the autonomous circuit before joining Elite Title Wrestling as Prickly plant Jack Manson.

In 1991, Foley grabbed the eye of Big Showdown Wrestling advertisers, and after momentarily wrestling for the Worldwide Wrestling Establishment, he joined WCW full-time.

Catus Jack immediately became a fan #1, and his quarrel with Large Van Vader was a colossal achievement in his vocation.

In one of the most fierce WCW matches, Foley confronted Vader in a Texas Deathmatch in 1993. The resulting viciousness left the two reporters and fans dazed into mistrust, with WCW declining to book Foley against Vader again for a PPV match.

Nonetheless, the contemptible off again in 1994 in one more merciless match that brought about Vader ripping Foley’s ear off, and this match is as yet viewed as one of the most outrageous in wrestling history.

Somewhere in the range of 1994 and 1996, Foley progressed to the free circuit again. However, his 1995 battle in Japan was generally well known, with him appearing in his security fencing bat without precedent for a ruthless match against Terry Gordy.

In 1996, Foley got an agreement with the WWF, where he rebranded under Humankind and began a quarrel against The Funeral director, who lost Foley a 20-foot high enclosure during their 1998 Ruler of the Ring match.

Later in 1998, Foley crushed Dwayne ‘The Stone’ Johnson to come out on top for the WWF Big showdown, a belt he had worn multiple times throughout his profession.

Even though he is currently resigned and filling in as a diplomat for the WWE, Foley has likewise proceeded to compose two collections of memoirs, a novel, and a progression of kids’ books.

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  • Mick Foley’s Profession Profit

Mick Foley raked in boatloads of cash from his wrestling vocation, and we have some general data about his professional profit.

Between his wrestling vocation and composing profession, it is assessed that Mick Foley’s yearly compensation is generally $2.8 million.

As a WWE champion in 1999, Foley made about $400,000 for his successes.

While he may not be quite possibly of the most extravagant grappler on the planet, Mick Foley isn’t doing awful for himself!

Individual Life

Foley wedded his better half Colette Christie in 1992, and together they have four kids, Dewey Francis, Noelle Margaret, Michael Francis, and Hughie Francis.

His child Dewey Francis Foley works for the WWE, while his significant other is a web-based entertainment model.

His child Michael, who is in the mental imbalance range, works a YouTube channel with his sibling, Hughie, on which Mick sometimes shows up.

Foley upholds ladies’ wrestling, frequently crusading to make it equivalent to men’s wrestling.

Foley is highly dynamic on his authority Instagram page, frequently posting about visits and causes he supports.

His authority site also records data about his event dates and digital broadcast, which he uses to discuss the wrestling business.

Grants and Accomplishments

Mick Foley has achieved numerous extraordinary accomplishments and won numerous mind-boggling grants throughout his profession.

Here are a few features of Mick Foley’s profession:

  • In 1993, Expert Wrestling Delineated named Foley the Persuasive Grappler of the Year.
  • Foley came out on top for three WWF titles, the principal in 1998 and two additional times in 1999.
  • In 1998, Foley came out on top for the WWF Bad-to-the-bone Title, the first to hold the title.
  • Foley brought home the WWF Label Group Title multiple times with different accomplices, including Steve Austin, Kane, The Stone, and Trimming Tool Charlie.
  • Mick Foley was accepted into the WWE Lobby of Acclaim in 2013.

How Does Mick Foley Spend His Cash?

Even though we are hardly familiar with how Mick Foley spends his cash, he gave us a top in 2020 when he put his house available for purchase after residing in it for a long time.

This $1 million chateau has five rooms and is situated in Smithtown, New York, on Riverview Patio, ignoring the Nissequogue stream.

Donning all-encompassing perspectives on the waterfront, the home accompanies a fold-over deck, two expert suites, and a personal luxury plane dock.

Nonetheless, the most bizarre thing about the house is the Christmas room, which Foley consistently decked out with occasion style and presented he’s gotten.

While we don’t know where Foley has moved to now, we envision some places hotter.


With such a long wrestling profession, Mick Foley has arrived at numerous monumental achievements that put him aside from others in the business.

Here are probably the best features of Mick Foley’s profession:

  • Foley’s 1993 Match against Vader is possibly the best crossroads in wrestling history because of its severity.
  • In 1995, Foley won Ruler of the Deathmatch after appearing his security fencing bat.
  • The Expert Wrestling Corridor of Distinction accepted Foley into its positions in 2017.
  • The Wrestling Eyewitness Pamphlet named Foley the Best Brawler from 1991 to 2000.
  • The WWE Corridor of Distinction accepted Foley in 2013.

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