Maryse Ouellet Biography, Age, Spouse, Career and Height Explained!2023

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Maryse Ouellet is one of the most unmistakable Divas in the WWE and has made a fortune in the ring.

While she may not be as dynamic as she used to be, she is acquiring millions from T.V. appearances, films, and inconsistent matches.

As of May 2023, Maryse Ouellet’s total assets are assessed to be $14 Million.

Maryse Ouellet Realities

In 2007, Maryse Ouellet appeared on Playboy’s Young Ladies of Canada schedule.

Starting around 2006, Ouellet has been associated with the Groundwork of Youngsters General Clinic in her old neighborhood of Montreal.

In 2008, Ouellet underwent a knee medical procedure after experiencing a physical issue in the ring and didn’t return until 2009.

Ouellet procured her American citizenship in 2018, four years after the wedding of her better half, The Miz.

As a local Canadian, Ouellet’s most memorable language is French, and it required her two years to become familiar with English.

Early Life

Maryse Ouellet was brought into the world on January 21, 1983, in Montreal, Quebec, yet burned through most of her life as a youngster in Edmundston, New Brunswick.

In secondary school, Ouellet was the leading young lady in her group, and she ran the school’s style show, which touched off her enthusiasm for design and demonstration.

Ouellet started fostering her own cosmetics items and displaying, contending in, and winning the Miss Hawaiian Jungle Canada expo in 2003.

After investing energy as a fabulousness model, Ouellet went to a Diva Search facilitated by the WWE and turned out to be one of the leading eight contenders, endorsed to the Small formally in 2007.


After joining the WWE formally, Ouellet presented as Ryan O’Reilly’s valet before contending in singles and label group matches.

Maryse made her broadcast debut on a 2007 episode of Crude to introduce Timbaland’s music video and started showing up consistently on the show in 2008, where she embraced a contemptible persona.

Her most memorable ring debut finished in misfortune to Cherry before contending in six-man label group matches, one of which finished with Maryse’s nose being broken by Maria Kanellis-Bennett.

In 2008, Maryse Ouellet brought home her most memorable Divas Title against Michelle McCool and later re-came out on top for the championship for the second time in 2009, with her reign of 216 turning into the longest in the title’s set of experiences for a long time.

Maryse became Ted DiBiase’s aide in 2010 while as yet contending in matches, just being set free from her WWE contract in 2011 in the wake of going through a medical procedure for a stomach hernia.

Ouellet got back to Crude in 2016 during a match between Zack Ryder and The Miz, where she slapped Ryder’s dad to divert him so her significant other could come out on top for the title.

In 2021, Miz and Maryse filled in as a label group, taking Tense and Beth Phoenix in a fight that finally finished at Illustrious Thunder, where Maryse and Miz lost.

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Maryse Ouellet’s Profession Income

Even though we don’t know the amount Maryse Ouellet makes consistently unequivocally, we do know a portion of the manners in which she makes her significant fortune.

As a functioning individual from the WWE list, Ouellet procured 200,000 every year.

Maryse’s significant kinds of revenue remain her demonstrating and wrestling appearances.

Ouellet likewise has her own dress and adornments line, which gives her a different kind of revenue.

In 2018, The Miz and Maryse featured in the unscripted T.V. drama Miz and Mrs., which acquired extra income.

As perhaps of the most extravagant grappler on the planet, Maryse Ouellet knows how to get the cash, and she isn’t giving indications of halting at any point soon.

Individual Life

In 2013, Maryse Ouellet became connected to her long-term sweetheart, Mike Mizanin, and the two secured the bunch in The Bahamas in 2014.

Maryse brought forth her most memorable youngster, Monroe Sky, a little girl, in 2018, and her subsequent kid, Madison Jade, in 2019.

Ouellet lived with her family in Thousand Oaks, California, and became an authority U.S. resident in 2018.

She is highly dynamic on her authority Instagram account, posting photos of her demonstrating and individual life. She posts additional photographs and data about her shows on her authority Twitter account.

Grants and Accomplishments

As an expert grappler and fabulousness model, Maryse Ouellet has won various honors throughout her vocation.

Here are a few features of Maryse Ouellet’s vocation:

  1. In 2003, Ouellet won the Miss Hawaiian Jungle Canada rivalry.
  2. The WWE employed Ouellet after participated in the WWE Diva Search in 2006.
  3. In 2008, Maryse Ouellet brought home her most memorable WWE Divas Title.
  4. Master Wrestling Outlined named Ouellet No. 9 of the Best 50 Female Expert Grapplers.
  5. Ouellet brought home the Divas Title Competition in 2010.

How Does Maryse Ouellet Spend Her Cash?

Maryse Ouellet likes to live sumptuously, and one extraordinary illustration of this is the lavish chateau that she imparts to her significant other.

Miz and Maryse live in a rural manor beyond L.A. that cost several an incredible $12.5 million.

This 10,400 sqft manor has six rooms, marble floors, a glorious entrance with two thousand flights of stairs, a huge lounge area with parquet floors, various chimneys, a pool room, and an individual theater.

The outside is likewise noteworthy, highlighting an enormous pool, hot tub, open-air barbecuing region, and 1.27 sections of land of perfect land to investigate.


Maryse Ouellet has arrived at a massive number in her expert wrestling profession that have assisted her with accomplishing her notoriety and fortune.

Here are probably the best features of Maryse Ouellet’s vocation:

  • In 2006, Ouellet was authoritatively employed by the WWE in the wake of partaking in the WWE Diva Search.
  • After investing energy in Florida Title Wrestling, Ouellet was doled out to SmackDown in 2008.
  • In 2009, Ouellet was drafted to the WWE Crude brand, where she came out on top for the Divas Title for the second time in her profession.
  • Ouellet joined the cast of All Out Divas in 2018, which prompted the side project Miz and Mrs., which archives the existence of her and her expert grappler spouse.
  • In 2021, Ouellet returned to Crude with her significant other, The Miz, taking part in a few matches, including an Illustrious Thunder.

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