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Bob Weir is a famous American singer-guitarist.

Weir is widely recognized as a seminal rock band, The Grateful Dead member. After the breakup, Weir joined the band The Other Ones, eventually renamed The Dead, with other ex-Grateful Dead members.

During and after his time with the Grateful Dead, he created and was part of several different bands, including Kingfish, the Bob Weir Band, and Bobby and the Midnites.

In April of 2023, experts projected $60 million for Bob Weir’s fortune.

Earlier Years

On October 16, 1947, in San Francisco, California, the world welcomed Robert Hall Weir into the world.

Weir was adopted as an infant and brought up in Atherton by Frederic Utter and Eleanor Cramer Weir.

At the age of 13, Weir picked up the guitar. As a result of his undiagnosed dyslexia, he struggled academically. He was eventually kicked out of almost every school he visited, including the prestigious Menlo School in Atherton and the more liberal Fountain Valley School in Colorado.


In 1963, Weir and a buddy sought a club to let them in when they heard banjo music drifting down the Palo Alto alleyways. They tracked out Dana Morgan’s Music Store, where the tunes originated.

He became well-known after he joined the Grateful Dead and began playing guitar and singing for them. In 1972, Weir released “Ace,” his first solo effort. Skull & Roses, released the year before, included a live rendition of “Playing in the Band,” the album’s most famous track.

His second band, RatDog Revue, was established in 1995. In addition to playing several songs by the Grateful Dead, he has also covered songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, and Willie Dixon.

He was there for the Grateful Dead’s reunions in 1998, 2000, and 2002 as The Other Ones and in 2003, 2004, and 2009 as The Dead. Mike Fleiss’ documentary, “The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir,” had its world debut at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

In April of 2023, experts projected $60 million for Bob Weir’s fortune.

Where Does Bob Weir’s Money Go?

Bob Weir invests in real estate and gives to nonprofits with some of his wealth.

Place of Residence of Bob Weir

Weir has a house in the California town of Mill Valley.

Charity Work Done by Bob Weir

The Earth Day Network, Fender Music Foundation, HeadCount, Jerry Garcia Foundation, Reef Relief, Reverb, Table to Table, and Trips for Kids are just a few of the organizations that have benefited from Weir’s generosity.


  • Some of Bob Weir’s finest moments include:
  • Truckin’ (Song, 1970)
  • Straw, Jack (Song, 1972)
  • Ace (Album, 1972)
  • Slinging Pebbles (Song, 1987)
  • The Very Pits of Hell (Song, 1987)
  • Some of Bob Weir’s Best Quotes

“True. Training wheels, in a way. It was a long before I could get into songwriting mode. I composed the following one when I was about 19 or 20. I joined in on the group writing projects with the other men. In particular, Jerry and Phil were collaborating with me as I wrote. Bob Weir’s “And Pigpen would contribute, too.”

Jerry would do what he was going to do when he was writing. After that, we’d probably arrange it together as a band if he brought it in. In that sense, it was similar to a collaborative writing effort. And we all wrote quite a bit together.” – Bob Weir.

Everyone in the band is jamming out. We used to have daily practices back then. It was mostly jamming. And from it, we gleaned a great deal of inspiration for songs. Then we’d put our finest lyrics to the tune before Robert Hunter arrived. Hunter was more skilled than we were and altered the dynamic. – Bob Weir

I’m pretty sure he was there while we were cooking that one up, but my memory may be playing tricks on me. We were at a festival in Florida and had a day off, or one when our set wasn’t until later in the day. – Bob Weir

“Yes. Jerry and I collaborated on many early Everly Brothers covers—country music and similar songs. We tried to copy the Everly Brothers’ style [laughter]. Even if their style was beginning to fade then, they had a tremendous impact on us. – Bob Weir

Lessons in Inspiration from Bob Weir: 3

Now that you know how much Bob Weir is worth and how he got there, it’s time to consider what we may learn from his accomplishment.

  1. Dreams

Get as close as you can to realizing your dreams.

  1. Table

There is value in the contributions of all participants.

  1. Grace

It would be best if you had more than grace. It would be best if you made a concerted effort to be in the area at the right time.

Questions & Answers

What is Bob Weir’s net worth in 2019?

It is speculated that Bob Weir has a net worth of $60 million.

What is Bob Weir’s age?

Bob Weir’s birthday was October 16, 1947, making him 75 years old.

What is Bob Weir’s height?

Bob Weir is 6 feet and 1 inch tall, or 1.85 meters.


Bob Weir, a famous musician, was born here in the Golden State.

On New Year’s Eve, 1963, Weir met Jerry Garcia, another future member of the Grateful Dead. Weir and his adolescent pal got lost in Palo Alto’s byways.

The music of The Beatles was an inspiration for the sound of the Grateful Dead.

In April of 2023, experts projected $60 million for Bob Weir’s fortune.

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