Anna Kasprzak Biography, Spouse, Age, Height and Career Explained!

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Anna Kasprzak is the heiress of the ECCO shoe and accessory empire and a Danish dressage rider.

Kasprzak has participated in several dressage competitions, winning various bronze and silver medals.

Anna Kasprzak is expected to have a $1 billion fortune by April 2023.

The Real Anna Kasprzak

Only eight people worldwide are millionaires under 30, and Anna Kasprzak is one of them.

She, her brother André, and their mother, Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak, are co-heiress to the fortune of the Danish firm ECCO.

While her brothers, André and Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak, are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the family business, Anna would rather watch from the sidelines.

Anna is skilled in dressage, manages her stables, and cares for her horses.

After entering the U.S. market, ECCO was recognized as the best footwear manufacturer in 1994.

Earlier Years

Anna Kasprzak’s late grandpa, Karl Toosbuy, founded the ECCO shoe firm in 1963. She was born in Grevenbroich, Germany, in December 1989.

Anna was brought up among the world’s wealthiest people thanks to the multimillion-dollar profits her family’s firm consistently posted.

Her mother, Hanni Toosbury Kasprzak, was the only child of Ecco founder Karl Toosbuy. Her father, Dieter Kasprzak, holds the position of Senior Vice President/Managing Director of the company.


Anna Kasprzak began her athletic career in her early 20s, competing as a dressage rider all around Europe and at the Olympics.

She has garnered several accolades, including a bronze medal in team dressage at the 2008 Azeitao European Young Riders Champions.

She also excelled in the 2010 Kronberg European Young Riders Championships, winning a bronze medal for her freestyle dressage performance.

She is the heiress to the ECCO firm’s wealth, having inherited most of the corporation from her father upon his death in 2004.

Some of the most costly cowboy boots in the world are made by the same firm that produces luxury footwear and accessories.

Income from Anna Kasprzak’s Profession

Anna Kasprzak’s $1 billion net worth suggests she will have access to substantial amounts of money annually; it is impossible to estimate her career earnings.

Anna Kasprzak’s annual income has been estimated at $90 million, and in one year, Ecco distributed roughly $40 million in dividends, of which she reportedly received $20 million.

How Much Does Anna Kasprzak Make Each Year?

Anna Kasprzak is rapidly approaching the ranks of the world’s wealthiest women because of her enormous net worth, which grows yearly.

With a net income of €23.14 million in 2020, the family shoe business continues to thrive, as seen by this growth.

Anna Kasprzak’s massive fortune is safe for the foreseeable future because of the company’s $1 billion in revenue that year.

Private Matters

Dressage rider Anna Kasprzak is notorious for shunning the spotlight; therefore, little details about her private life are known.

Forbes magazine claims that Kasprzak is now in a relationship and has one kid but provides no more information on her significant other or the child.

Recognized Efforts and Honors

Throughout her career, Anna Kasprzak has competed in various dressage contests.

Some of Anna Kasprzak’s more notable achievements include:

In 2005, Anna Kasprzak took third place in the European Junior Championships in dressage.

In 2005, Kasprzak also won silver in team dressage at the European Junior Championships.

Kasprzak won silver at the 2008 European Young Riders Championships team dressage competition.

Her freestyle and team dressage performances at the 2010 European Young Riders Championships earned her bronze medals.

Anna Kasprzak’s team took silver at the 2017 European Dressage Championships.

What are Anna Kasprzak’s typical spending habits?

Anna Kasprzak is the heiress to the ECCO company fortune and, as such, enjoys a level of wealth that puts her in the same league as the world’s wealthiest athletes.

Kasprzak’s billions allow her to invest in some of the world’s most extravagant properties, yet she stays hidden.


Anna Kasprzak has competed in several dressage contests during her remarkable career.

Some of Anna Kasprzak’s finest moments include:

Anna Kasprzak debuted at the European Dressage Championships in 2013 and still competed again in 2015.

In 2013, Kasprzak competed for the Danish national team at the European Championships in Denmark, where he placed fourth overall.

Anna makes her dressage competition debut at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France.

Anna Kasprzak became a millionaire in 2014 after a pivotal event: her father’s passing, Dieter Kasprzak.

Anna Kasprzak, a competitor in the 2016 Dressage World Cup Finals, placed sixth overall.

Best Anna Kasprzak Sayings

Anna Kasprzak is very quiet; however, she has given interviews to publications focusing only on the dressage riding industry.

Here are some of our favorite Anna Kasprzak quotes:

As Kasprzak put it, “these horses are top athletes, and if we want to deliver results, we need horses that are healthy and strong — physically and mentally.” Anna Kasprzak: “I take great pride in working with this aspect of the sport.”

Anna Kasprzak states, “I spend a lot of time getting to know my horses and understanding their personalities.”

Before going to Odense, I certainly didn’t anticipate this outcome! “she remarked. That was the most excellent weekend ever, and I rode my best Grand Prix ever yesterday. Although I made a few mistakes in the flying changes today, my ride was in sync with the music. Today Donnperignon was lively but not as lively as yesterday when he was nearly too animated—quote by Anna Kasprzak.

He has gained a lot of strength and focus in the previous year and a half. He was very rhythmic in his work. I think he performed almost as well as in Aachen; he deserves a more positive reputation than he now enjoys. Quote by Anna Kasprzak

The rebranding symbolizes the stud’s aspiration to produce elite-level dressage horses. To signify and stress our goals for Future Dressage, it was appropriate to rebrand the entire stud.” – Anna Kasprzak.

Three Incredible Life-Hacks from Anna Kasprzak

Now that you know how much Anna Kasprzak is worth, it’s time to examine the lessons we may draw from her life.

Some of Anna Kasprzak’s most helpful advice for achieving success is as follows:

  1. Don’t let setbacks discourage you from trying again.

Anna Kasprzak trained for several years before competing in the Olympics, and while she never won a medal, she continued to compete.

Don’t let setbacks discourage you from pursuing your goals; learn as much as possible from your experiences.

  1. Sometimes it’s more effective to keep a low profile than to shout from the rooftops.

Although she is one of the world’s youngest billionaires, Anna Kasprzak does not want to show off her fortune.

Her direct response to fame can teach us all a thing or two about modesty.

  1. Follow your interests and passions without fear.

Anna would instead pursue her interests than join her brother in contributing to the family company.

She would rather spend her time riding horses and tending to her thriving stables than working at ECCO.


This concludes our brief look into the life of dressage rider and wealthy heiress Anna Kasprzak.

She has won several bronze and silver medals at European competitions throughout her athletic career.

Her wealth may increase as ECCO grows its international presence, so revisit this post for updates.

Anna Kasprzak is expected to have a $1 billion fortune by April 2023.

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